Logitech Ultrathin KB Cover can’t connect – How to fix it

6 This has happened to me a few times on several devices, so I thought I’d publish the solution that worked for me. If your Logitech keyboard doesn’t connect to your iPad, or you get the message that “Connection Unsuccessful Make sure “Logitech Ultrathin KB Cover” is turned on and in range,” you may wish […]

What do you do when your bike tire explodes while riding?

0 Yeah, some bicycle tires are light because the sidewalls are thinner than those on other tires. Don’t want to single out Continental, as the GP4000s are my go-to tires (they’re pretty popular among a lot of road bicyclists) for longevity, rideability, and yes, weight. (Psst! Wait for them to go on sale online at […]

What 2,000 pounds looks like how

1 Another “things you see while biking”–a truck in the Sunset with four 500-pound weights on its bed. I see this truck quite a lot, actually. It always occurred to me that this is the kind of thing you probably wouldn’t have to lock up, though I bet those weights are expensive.

Review of MyGradeBook.com

0 Things I don’t like. First, while I was filling out the registration form, I wasn’t told whether I’d be able to change this information later if I wanted to. I wanted to see information about whether I’d be able to edit the information later. I am sometimes a little bit suspicious of forms and […]

Just an ATM on the side of the road

0 Anybody who bikes a lot, or for that matter runs, walks, or otherwise spends enough time outdoors will tell you that you see a lot of things on the side of the road that you might not expect. Here we have an abandoned ATM on the side of the road. You can see other […]