Review of

If you’ve never heard of, here’s the quick run-down: a bunch of really smart people, with lots of seed money, have set up a system whereby you can trade CDs with other people for a dollar or so. It’s basically an intermediary for CD trading.

To simplify further, to trade CDs that you have, here’s what you do:

  • You have an original CD that you are willing to part with.
  • You list it on their system. This is pretty easy to do, and their search function employs the latest trendy AJAX technology, so various search results appear as you type.
  • If another lala member wants your CD, you get a message tellling you that somebody wants your CD. Continue reading

The Duckberg Times

Yeah, I know it was an obscure DC ‘zine before zines were cool, but I loved this publication. And I talked to the publisher, Linda, a bunch of times at various clubs, including the short-lived Pub Club and Cagney’s.

To this day, I remember Love Monkey:

  • Love monkey, love monkey, set me free.
  • It’s gonna have to wait till I take a pee.

And there’s more–one strip about the CIA planting a radio device in somebody’s head.
I’ve still got one strip in my old photography notebook, and I’ve seen something about the Duckberg Times on amazon, so I guess I’m not the only one who remembers the Duckberg Times.