Google Gift 2006

Google 2006 Year-end Gift for AdSense Publishers Just got this via FedEx Ground today. I remember because the delivery guy was on his cell phone jabbering away in Brasilian Portuguese outside my door. (What’s with San Francisco delivery drivers and Brasilians, anyway? I swear they’ve got half of the driving jobs in the City!)

So the Google Christmas (or whatever holiday you do or do not like or like to celebrate) is basically a small media player. It’s got an LCD screen, a small speaker, and an even smaller microphone. It’s also got a slot for an SD card or MMC card. Wikipedia tells me that an MMC card is an older format that can be used in SD slots.
It comes preloaded with some images and a couple of sample MP3s and MP4 movies. I’ve got mine loaded up with NiMH batteries, showing the pre-loaded media.

It seems pretty easy to load media onto the device. Windows explorer tells me I’ve got about 25 MB of space. However, it doesn’t seem to automatically resize images, as the huge image I dragged and dropped with Windows Explorer threw an error.

I’m going to play with this a bit more. It could be fun. Funny, I was just thinking about getting something like this when it showed up in the Amazon Gold Box the other day.