Interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle Interviews Erin (Article has a photograph, too.)

Last week I was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle (by Ellen Lee) about the CD-swapping site (see my review of lala). I talked for a while, a bit more than 30 minutes, if I recally. A freelance photographer (Megan Rathfon) came over to my house the next day to take a few shots of me working on the computer.

Not a whole lot to tell. They were a lot friendlier and more professional than some of the reporters I’ve dealt with in the past, and I had a nice conversation with the photographer about the business in general and about photography equipment.

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  1. Nice, E.

    I thought I’d see my pic. Oh well, I’ve seen the cutting floor before! ;~D

    The one they used is a very nice shot, especially the kid. He’s too cute!

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