Life in Rio–motorcyclists shut down the Linha Amarela

This doesn't look like Brasil. Oh well.

This doesn’t look like Brasil. Oh well.

I miss Brasil a lot sometimes,  and lately I’ve been using the awesome TuneIn Radio to listen to some radio stations in Rio de Janeiro, where I spent a few years in during the years of hyper-inflation of the early 1990s. It’s been great for my Portuguese, but it’s also good just to catch up on the news of Rio and Brasil.

Interesting story from yesterday–traffic on the Linha Amarela (is that new-ish? I remember the Linha Vermelho, but not the Linha Amarela. Edit: Wikipedia to the rescue! The Linha Amarela opened in 1997, well after my stay) was at a complete standstill. According to the radio, about 30 motorcyclists were protesting the shooting of a fellow motorcyclist by the police. The police claimed that the motorcyclist was breaking a law (a drug dealer, perhaps?), but the protesters weren’t buying it and staged a protest by blocking all traffic going to Barra (on the outskirts of Rio–there aren’t many ways to get there). Traffic was completely stopped, and some people were taking advantage of the situation by harassing drivers and passengers stuck in cars.

No judgments here. Just the facts.

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