That Poseurs/Cagney’s Guy from D.C.

Don’t know what else to call him, but if you saw him, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about the moment you read the title.

It’s funny what you remember as you get older and the fiery nights of hope and promise of your 20’s grow ever-distant, and you increasingly search for some sort of evidence that what you do remember actually did happen. Yes, you were young, you were full of energy, and you were going to stake your place in the world and in history, and you marched diligently out into the city on as many nights as you could to prove it to others.

I’ve always liked a few songs by Tones on Tail, but invariably the more popular songs by this 80s era goth/dance band trigger not an urge to tap my toes or memories of various late-80s DC hangouts (a few favorites being the Back Alley Café, Trax, the Fifth Column, the 930 Club, etc.), but the vision of a 40-something very much out-of-place man oddly whirling solo in the middle of the dance floor with a seemingly endless energy that I in my 20s couldn’t match. Perhaps cocaine- or alcohol-fueled, the guy never seemed to talk to anybody (nor anybody to him), and he seemed to wear more than his share of checkered flannel and Dickies (and no, not in the cool “I’m a proletarian” kind of way). At first I thought perhaps he was one of those types who’d stay true to the cause till death and was deeply accepted in the way that the aging bartenders at these clubs, bars, and restaurants were, but now I tend to think not.

I never mustered the courage to talk to him, but he was a topic of conversation for us, even then. Now as I grow closer to his age, I wonder even more what he must’ve been thinking then or what his “back story” was. It wasn’t so much that he was out of place in that particular crowd, for the odd anomaly rarely registers at all; no, it was that he was consistently and obliviously out of place. I seem to recall seeing him at no less than three different clubs (the short-lived Pub Club, Poseurs, and Cagney’s, off the top of my head) over a period of at least two years. At one point, he was a veritable fixture at certain clubs on certain nights, and not seeing him was stranger than seeing him.

We’d surmised that perhaps he was recently divorced and was dancing off his loneliness, but I’d imagine that this is not the truth–that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Maybe he honestly enjoyed the music, I really don’t know.

I know a friend who remembers this guy as clearly as I do. There must be somebody else who knows who I’m talking about. Where are you?


  1. I don’t remember this person…although it seems we were at the same places at the same time. “Pops”, of Poseur’s was older than that and was a former Navy buddy of the owner…and I don’t know that I saw him dance….

    I’ll have to ask a friend from the time and see if she remembers him. The clothes sound right, though…..

  2. I lived above and worked at Poseurs for several years. “Pops” was the owner, Lou’s, father, btw. I am not sure from what you have written who you are talking about, but there was a “mentally challenged” guy who would spin in circles for song after song, usually early in the evening before most people arrived. Is that who you are talking about?

    • hey came came across this. I am Julie, Lou’s youngest daughter. My dad owned poseurs, and the man known as “pops” was not a relative. My dad also doesn’t have any sons. My grandfather went by commander, or papoo (greek for grandfather)–but he certainly did not even run nor work in the place. He could be seen cleaning up people’s drinks.

  3. I think I met “Pops” once or twice. I actually did some manual labor for Lou when he and Linda were trying to open Linda’s, the failed mesquite restaurant in which Linda would perform live. The one thing I do remember doing was sanding the downstairs bar by hand.

    I remember those little rooms above Poseurs! At the time a somewhat diminutive South American guy named Rene lived there. He and I worked together a bit.

    So no, it wasn’t Pops I was referring to, and I never talked to the person in question, so I couldn’t say whether he was “mentally challenged.” If the guy you’re (Cathy) referring to looked to be in his 40s, then by gosh, it could be him.

    On a side note, it’s funny that this blog post has more comments than any others. You’ll notice that my blog isn’t very busy.

  4. The guy I remember was brought to Poseurs by family members and he was younger than the person you remember. We called him “The Spinner” and he was fabulous.

    Rene worked as a bus boy at Poseurs when I was there. He was very sweet and cute.

    I actually met my husband while working at Poseurs and we have been married almost 17 years. I used to go the Back Alley on most Fridays before I worked at Poseurs and dated Skate, who I think was actually the Ben you mentioned. So anyway, reading your blog has brought back lots of very fun memories for me. What years would you say you went out to Poseurs? I wonder if I know you??

    • Hey–so funny to see all these references to these DC bars in the 80’s. I am wondering if anybody knows an old friend, George Johnson, who dj’d at Poseurs (and bojangles) for a while. If so, what became of him?

  5. i was just googling poseurs & am so glad i stumbled upon this blog! those days at back alley, cagney’s, tracks, poseurs, old 9:30 club, dc space…etc etc! wow….pops. haven’t thought of him in years. did either of you know jeanne warner? or stuart griffith? or…many others. should bring out those old journals! xo colleen

  6. The one guy who wore the Batman shirt was named Max, if memory serves. And the DJ I’m pretty sure was Ben–a caucasian guy with curly hair. He DJ’d at Cagney’s sometimes, too.

    Which reminds me of another DJ and old DC story. I think her name was Linda, and she founded the Duckberg Times, which I used to enjoy reading. She was a petite woman with short blonde hair, if I recall.

    I didn’t really go to Poseurs that much, only a handful of times. I went to the Back Alley just about every week while it was open, and a few other clubs sometimes–930 club, Trax (I loved that place!), 5th Column, and some smaller places that I can’t remember. Hell and Perry’s in Adams Morgan are two I went to a few times.

    It’s funny–there was always something kind of lame about Cagney’s, probably just that it was so dead on most nights. I actually worked there for a week or two, but the tips were so horrid that I quit.

    So all of this would’ve been in the late 80s and early 90s, after which I left the country for a while.

    Colleen, no those names don’t ring a bell. It’d be funny if somehow I’d seen them, though.

    About Poseurs–my father told me that it was Lou’s son who ran the place. Are you saying it was Lou who ran it?

  7. Hi. I worked/lived there for years and never met Lou’s son. When I was there, Brian Kane was the manager and Lou only really showed up on weekends. Brian had owned his own bar before working at Poseurs and went on to manage the Fifth Column after it closed.

    On a separate issue, I am heading to the “new” 9:30 club tomorrow for the first time. My husband called there to find out if our friend, Sandy Seay, still worked there. I was devasted to find out that she had died. Sandy lived above Poseurs with us for a short time and played the piano at our wedding. I am adding this as a comment because I am hoping that someone will see it and let me know how she died. I am so sad for her and for her family.

    Do you think you should start a Poseurs/Back Alley/Trax/Fifth Column website?

  8. Wow, that’s kind of sad. Kinda makes me wonder what happened to the people I used to know at the various bars, restaurants, and clubs I worked at in DC.

    No, it’s not to hard for me to start another site like this just for those old DC days, so maybe I will.

    For me, back in the day, it was Trax, the Back Alley, the Fifth Column (the best DJs there!), 930 Club, DC Space, Poseurs, Cagney’s, Hell, etc.

  9. To use some DC slang, dag, I really want to know what was up with the guy I originally posted about. 🙂

  10. Amazing what you can turn up with a Google search these days.

    Max did wear a Batman shirt most of the time. He was a broke kid from N.E. who I met whiile working at Whispers on 19th Street in 1982-1984. When he got kicked out of the house by his folks he crashed on the floor of my apartment for a week or two.

    Linda promoted the Duckberg as I recall, but it was owned by Ron Baker. I credit his February 1986 review for the Back Alley’s success.

    I worked Tues-Sat from Dec 1985 – November 1986, then hopped to Mirage on Dupont Circle on Friday nights. Skate took over on Fridays for me then. I was at the BA every Saturday until it closed in Feb 1988, then went to Cagneys Fri & Sat until 1990. When the BA re-opened at Mr. Days in 1991 Larry approached me to do it as a one-off Sunday night gig. This took off when Nirvana came about, and we were packed there until 1997.

    I moved to the west coast in 1999. I am the Controller for a construction company.

    Last time I touched base with Skate aka Wayne he was married, a network administrator and living in North Carolina with his wife and Jack Russell’s.

    George, the big doorman, was Treasurer for Andy Mitsuk’s recent D.C. campaign. Leyla, the manager, went to work for Hyatt, then opened a place at the corner of Kalorama and 17th St in Adams Morgan. Khalil moved to Venice, CA in 1987 and I haven’t heard of him since. Marco the bartender is a Dive Shack Pro in the Turks and Caicos for Club Med. Robyn the waitress joined the Army. Erica the Cigarette Girl has her own Ad and Publicity Agency, and recently became a mother.

    Brian Kane worked at Stetson’s for Doug (former Cagney’s barkeep and manager) last I remember.

    The guy who would dance at all the clubs owned the Chicken Shack in Maryland.

    I am saddened to hear that Sandy Seay died. Too many people I knew or know in D.C. died young of poor decisions or poor luck.

    • Ben–thanks for your post. I think I remember you. You were the cute DJ with curly hair, right? So do you remember my friend George Johnson, from down the road? He DJ’d around DC, during the mid 80’s, at Poseurs and a few other places. He also played the drums and loved The Police–the band, not the guys in riot gear.

  11. Well damn, Ben, I have to say that this post made my day. I didn’t think that I would ever find out about the guy, much less get so much info about the Back Alley. That place was a blast. There was nothing like it at the time, which is one of the reasons I left DC.

    You said ‘The guy who would dance at all the clubs owned the Chicken Shack in Maryland.’ Do you know anything more about him? I mean, what the hell was he doing at these clubs all the time? Did he really like the music that much? Was he bored? Did the employees ever talk to him?

    Anyway, I really appreciate your post. I may email you directly at some point, if only to touch base or keep in touch.

  12. I don’t really know much more about him. I would chat with him, he would request some tunes, that was about it. He rarely drank, he was a regular in the scene from the days of Monday Night at the One Flight Up on Wisconsin Avenue. I saw him at The Flight, Poseurs, Cagney’s, Pub Club, Bad Apple and BA I & BA II.

    Larry, the manager at BA I & BA II, former bartender at Whispers on 19th Street, doorman at Poseurs, took the money from BA and opened King Pepper on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. It is still there as far as I know.

    Leyla got out of the restaurant business, and is a very successful Real Estate Agent in NW DC.

    Lee Lipner from Cagney’s is an Executive at Sony in NYC, Stuart the bartender at Cagney’s owned State of The Union on U Street, my friend Kevin who would play all the Flipper and Black Flag and Minutemen and Crass got married to the waitress across the alley at Captain Days, moved to Maryland, started a family.

    Feel free to email me, although I do not check my email several times a day so I may take awhile to get back to you.

  13. Sharveen owns a bar on U street, and then there are all those who didn’t make it. An unfortunately long list.

  14. can’t believe I found y’all here! a poseurite from week 1, & a Cagney person only on $2 pitcher Thursdays,also hung @ Back Alley 1.
    I remember the spinner guy, but never actually met him. the Pops I knew was an elderly black man who was always hugging/kissing on the ladies-don’t think he was Lou’s father; probly the Navy Buddy. Thanks 4 the Skate/Wayne update-always wondered what happened to him (we dated for a few months, way back…). I think that a website would be very cool; we spent more time w/this cast of characters than we did w/almost anyone else,right? I’ve been curious about the fate of DJ John; anybody know anything? And of course, there are all who didn’t make it this Ben pointed out, it is a long list.
    Btw-I lived upstairs in the middle room for a few months. And I met my husband of 16 years @ Cagney’s. go figure.

  15. what a trip! i used to be in all those places between 1981 – 1985 . Cagney;s was my fav club but i used to go to whispers, 930, fifth column, trax, pier 1, wow….

    Now i live in Greece

    bye my friends

    thanks for the nostalgia pill

  16. Damn that crazy Google. What a wild walk down memory lane this turned out to be. I was a regular at Back Alley until its first demise, then a hardcore Poseurs junkie until it closed (I’ll never forgive Lou for that), then drifted on to Cagney’s, Fifth Column, several places that did not last long enough to remember, then to Back Alley II (thank God for Larry). I remember Cathy and her husband Mike from Poseurs, and of course the great DJ Ben from BA. Also very sad to hear about Sandy, if anyone knows what happened. I hope everyone else is OK!

  17. little nancy
    Jun 3rd, 2007 at 11:46 am

    “I’ve been curious about the fate of DJ John; anybody know anything?”

    John Hines?

    Yeah, he used to work with me for a bit in mid to late 86.

    Unfortunately the last I heard of him was in 1988, and that he had taken his own life.

  18. sorry to hear about John Hines…far too many of our old friends have taken their lives. I am curious to hear news of DJ John Kominski-anybody anywhere have a clue? Thanks.

  19. I’m “Robin the waitress”. I joined the Navy by the way and I retire in 7 months! My, how time flies. I remember all those guys that have been mentioned. I have pictures of a lot of them. Hope all are well.

  20. I was always at Poseurs from 84-88. Also Carmichaels, Cagneys Whispers Mr. Day’s and 9:30. Its otherwordly to hear those names again. My Friend Leah and I were inseperable ( My Bleached blonde hair; hers goth black). I rember Pops, an he was defiently NOT Lou’s Dad, akthough Lou’s daughter’s Dana and I think it was Shannon Worked at The Club. Brian Married a bartender whose name escpes me, but they divorced. Lori was a bartender. My Friend Susan Dyner did a Movie called “punks Not Dead” recenlty and Interviewed Joyce, a bartender, plus Mike Dolphi, PAul Clerly, All the Guys From Dischord House. I Guest DJ’dat Posuers, and I Think John Kominki taught me how to use the system.
    Who Remembers jared and Doty nd Jason from 9353 at 9:30? Sab?

  21. John Hines did indeed kill himself.

    BEN!!!! Can you play Red Lorry Yellow Lorry for me? 😉 Just to drop a few names: Marla, Becky Pauline.

    one-eyed Bruce, Adam, Larry, Andy Armstrong….

    I’m glad Joyce is doing well – she was sick for a while.

  22. Cathy,
    Are you , or were you, rather, the bartender who was such good friends,with Lori the Bartender? Did you guys live together off of Washington Curcle? You had long Brown hair? Are you still in DZC? ANy other updates. I had blonde hair, good friends with Bruce? And doorman Frankie? When you say Larry, I assume you mean the doorman with the beard? Any other updates on people?

    Thanks and Hi, good to hear from you!

  23. Hey Marianne – I am not that Cathy. I bartended for a microsecond at BA while a DJ from England with a fu manchu did the music. I worked at Electromax with Andy A and the guy from Pussy Galore. Yeah – ain’t old age great? Can’t remember a damn thing.
    Frankie! Too funny. I see him daily on my BA reunion poster. I DID mean Larry the doorman.
    Let’s see – Classic Clothing on Wisc.
    Margaret and Tina (dated Jim A for a while).
    Roland the GIGANTIC, and Max his annoying buddy.
    We might very well have hung out – The DC scene wasn’t THAT big. 🙂

  24. Robin, Kat, Marianne, Little Nancy:

    My email is REMOVED BY REQUEST

    Email me and we can catch up and take a nostalgia pill.

    John Kaminiski was a Contractor on the Eastern Shore when I last spoke with him in 1995.

    I think Mike Dolphi married Tunda, (the Whispers bartender in 1983). They have several kids and live in Maryland. He runs or posts to 30 seconds over DC.

  25. Hey, there — I was trying to find out if the Back Alley is still doing monthly reunions/gatherings in Arlington or wherever? I live in California now, but grew up in DC and frequented all the bars mentioned: the old 9:30 club, Cagneys, DC Space, One Flight Up, Poseur’s, Asylum, punk shows in the basement of a random church on 16th Street, Ft. Reno, and of course many clubs in Baltimore (I deejayed for WROC at MC and also at WCVT-FM in Towson). I’m headed to DC/B’more in about a month and wanted to find out where all the DC cats are hanging out these days. Have caught up with lots of folks on Facebook as well, but always trying to find out when Back Alley does it’s thing, so my husband and I can catch up. Great to find this thru Google. Good stuff! Hope all you fine people are doing great!

  26. I know the majority of the posts are stupidly old at this point, but if anyone still wants information about sandy seay, please feel free to contact me through my gmail account: puckles

    found this thread because i was thinking of her and can’t pinpoint the exact anniversary date in my mind but must be around today…

  27. Lou Calomaris (Poseurs’ owner) dad’s name was Commander. He was always in the joint trying to keep the place ship shape, not without some success. I can’t remember the spinning guy’s name, but he was a lawyer who had argued before the Supreme Court. He danced for exercise, he told me, and he liked the unpretenscious attitude of these places – where was he going to dance, at a disco?

  28. I, too, just Googled Cagney’s for the hell of it and found this link. I was a weekly patron in the 80’s and mid 90’s at the following: Poseurs, Cagneys, Back Alley, the Fifth Column, the Vault, 930 Club, Tracks, D.C. Space, Whispers and the Insect Club. Great great times. And you can’t find any bars/clubs like them these days. Does anyone remember Kristin? The blonde female bartender at the old 930 Club? She used to work with my friend Wendy at the Limited in Tysons. And then there was a bartender named Adam (I think?) who was shot and killed one night leaving Cagneys in the early 90’s. Very sad.

  29. I was Googling to try to remember where Whispers used to be, !9th st!!! Whisers and Carmichaels were my favorite hangouts from 1982-85 almost every weekend. I only went to Poseurs, the 9:30 and Cagney’s a few times. There was a guy at Cagney’s that looked like a young James Cagney that I used to chat with. I remember Rocky the DJ that worked at Carmichael’s and Whispers. Some of my friends were Pauline, Beth, Laura Morella, Maitey, Kathie, Aretta, another Shane, Alex and Turk. Some were students at the University of Maryland.

    One night in my cycle leathers, and under the influence of John Barleycorn, I rode my Harley up across the sidewalk onto the patio and into Whispers!!! Never made it to the bar though. My pals and I thought we were the Stray Cats. Those were good days.

  30. I moved to Bethesda MD in 86 – 88. Went to Cagney’s & Back Alley a few times, but mostly Posuers. I have pictures & a lot of first names of people I knew as aquaintences. Pop’s for sure, and once he bopped me on the head thinking I was some Bianca girl. I had heard that Pop’s lived under the Key Bridge at one point. Anyone know if he is still around? DJ Adam (worked at NIH), Mohawk Adam (contractor), Michael Rathji (the bar tender/Research), Tina Chow (moved to CA), Wendy Aspinal (w/ Big Black hair and red roots/ Optical), Trish (Black hair), Dan the door man(smelled of Drakkar). The atmosphere was awesome. I can hear the song… “Lips like sugar, sugar kisses…” The awesome pictures, I enjoyed looking at… often wondered what ever happened to those when they closed down… There was one I really liked. I moved away and saw Wendy, and Michael once or twice since, years later… I’d like to know where they are now. My first night club experience was Tracks… with people I barely knew… being straight it was quite an experience… it was “Heat your meat night!!!” It was cool though! Great memories.

  31. Haha. Holy shit this blog. One-eyed Bruce and Andy Armstrong? I haven’t heard those names in a loooooong time.

  32. His name is PETE. He owned the Forest Glen Country Store for a long time and several houses/ properties in the Kensington area. Have not seen him for a while. He was an attorney. Very ecclectic. There use to be a DJ at 930 (and other places) nicknamed LIZARD. She knew him well…..

  33. As other comments have implied, I think your memory might be combining two different people. I vividly remember the smallish dude that my friends and I also called “the spinning guy,” especially from One Flight Up. But I don’t think he was 40-something–a good deal younger at the time, it seemed to me. There was also always a solitary older dude or two lingering creepily about, but I don’t recall any of them as specifically as I remember “the spinning guy.” I too have fond memories of those Monday nights at the Flight, some of the best of which began with a healthy bout of “pre-drinking” earlier in the evening at the great Monday Happy Hour up north on 355 at J.W. Gaither’s. We’d arrive trashed from Gaither’s, get even more trashed at the flight, then dance it off and frequently end the festivities with a wee-hours breakfast at Tastee Diner. Ahh, to be young again …

    • Let’s see… The guy, if I recall correctly, had brownish, perhaps dirty-blond hair, sort of mop-toppish. Not overly slim, nor overly-dressed. I suppose it could have been any number of the strange people to haunt D.C.’s nightclub scene, but this guy really stood out. I always wondered what his back story was.

      And he sounds like he could have been a Pete.

    • Bill, I’ve been looking online for a reference to JW Gaithers and found your entry on this site. I have been looking for the recipe for their house potatoes, or house pots, for years. Do you remember what was in them or know someone who could tell me? They were spectacular. I also loved the Olde English Coffee, which was a potent mix of Amaretto, Creme de Cocoa, Kalua, Tia Maria, coffee, whipped cream and nutmeg. Sure would like to get the exact shots for that too. What a great restaurant and bar -probably my favorite from the 80’s. Please respond, or anyone, if you remember.

  34. Poseurs on Monday night. We drove all the way from the Penguin Feather in Herndon where we worked to be part of the last years of the scene. The table at the bottom of the stairs and next to the dance floor was our debating room, magic theater, and sidewalk cafe.
    We weren’t going to change the world, and we knew it, but we were larger than life for a few hours a week.
    Sebastian, Juana, and Karen – I miss you.

  35. I found this site because I was trying to remember the name of the reggae club that turned into a goth/vampire club on Thursday nights. It was on 18th, between M and the intersection of 18th and Conn. Today it’s the 18th Street Lounge but back in the day it was much cooler.

    And I can only assume that the Kat in this thread is my wife Jan’s best friend from high school. Small world. 🙂

  36. Oh, and I forgot to ask. Does anyone remember the name of the reggae/goth club at the top of the stairs where the 18th Street Lounge is today?

  37. Oh, and one other thing. I met Jan at Cagney’s one night in 1989 after getting hammered with some friends at the old Tiber Creek Pub, followed by a journey to the Brickskeller. When we left “the Brick” we still wanted to party so we decided to go to Cagney’s. I knew Ben and went to the booth to ask for a song.

    Jan was chatting with him, and I asked her for her phone number. Ben vouched for me and told her it was safe for me to give her a call when I was sober. We got married 2 1/2 months later, and we’ve been married ever since.

    Thanks Ben!!! 🙂

  38. I remember the crazy dancing fella. The last time I saw him was at a Shonen Knife gig at the 9:30 Club. Or maybe it was the Supersuckers in Baltimore outside the old Ottobar. That’s been over 10 years now though. I bet he’s still at it.

  39. who can forget the great DJ @ Cagney’s ? skinny little guy, didnt talk much, never smiled… “Smooth George” was great!

  40. If anyone is interested (and haven’t found it yet) There is a cagneys group on Facebook with over 300 members and a ton of pictures from back in the day. There is also some info about a reunion get together Saturday June 18th 2011

  41. The club on 18th St. was, I’m pretty sure, Kilimanjaro.

    Thanks for posting, and to all the people who’ve kept this thread alive.

    This brought back some great memories of the DC mod squad, and all the wonderful people I danced with and around and rarely talked to (unless my old university buddy Joanne was there). I remember walking home to the Potomac palisades in the wee hours soaked with sweat from dancing up a storm at Poseurs. What a place.

    Has it really been a quarter century?

      • Hey Adam,
        I’m glad I found you. I was a regular at Poseurs, have never experienced another place like it, and have often thought of opening up a place just like it now (even though i’m 53) I went to the Poseurs reunion night a few years ago at the Rock and Roll Hotel and had the best time since . . . I used to go to Poseurs. Given that it doesn’t seem likely that any establishment in DC is going to do another Poseurs reunion night, I’m thinking of doing it myself and would like to know if you’d be interested in headlining it. I’d look into a venue, etc.
        Nick Simeone

  42. Erin, could you edit out my email from the post dated:
    June 26, 2008 at 9:50 am?

    I am getting too much spam from it, and I keep in touch with everyone via FB now.


  43. Ben, it’s been done.

    This thread has been going on for quite a long time! Funny.

  44. I stumbled across this blog, via another blog, that was listed on the…..POSEURS 30TH REUNION! You guys do know there is a reunion on August 4th, 2012, right? Check it out at

    My husband and I are attending, along with old DC friends. We both spun at Poseurs from early 80s until it closed. I’m an alum of Trax, the original 9:30, The Bank, Back Alley, Cafe Med…good times. We still listen to our 80s vinyl collection, go to concerts anytime we can find a sitter (even flew to the UK for a weekend in 2006 to see New Order play at Wembley). Have caught recent concerts in DC in the past few years: Psych Furs, English Beat, Echo & Bunnymen, OMD, Erasure, Cure, Depeche Mode, B-52s, Go-Gos, Smithereens, The Feelies, Happy Mondays. We’re lucky to have so many great old bands passing through the area. Hope to see everyone at the Poseurs reunion!

  45. OMG so happy I ran across this Blog. I totally remember this guy and talked to him many times at Cagneys. I forget his name but we called him Pops. I remember lots of times my cousin Kevin and I about to kick peoples ass at Cagneys for messing with Pops. He used to also show up from time to time at Chaplins by AU. Oh I miss my DC clubs!!!!

  46. Hey all! Good to see all of the reminiscing about the great alternative club scene in DC. I live in South Florida now, but lived in the DC area until 1995 and spent my “formative years” going to 930 Club, Poseurs, Trax, Cagney’s, Back Alley, etc. etc. etc. There are pages on facebook dedicated to some of these clubs and the scene in general…they’re great places to post comments and photos from way back when. I started one dedicated to the original 930 Club on F Street NW also. Here’s the link to that one: and the Poseurs one is here: and the general alt club scene one here:

    Look forward to seeing some of you all there!


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