The Duckberg Times

Yeah, I know it was an obscure DC ‘zine before zines were cool, but I loved this publication. And I talked to the publisher, Linda, a bunch of times at various clubs, including the short-lived Pub Club and Cagney’s.

To this day, I remember Love Monkey:

  • Love monkey, love monkey, set me free.
  • It’s gonna have to wait till I take a pee.

And there’s more–one strip about the CIA planting a radio device in somebody’s head.
I’ve still got one strip in my old photography notebook, and I’ve seen something about the Duckberg Times on amazon, so I guess I’m not the only one who remembers the Duckberg Times.


  1. I remember the Duckberg Times well. Ron began to drop off copies to The Back Alley Cafe in late 1985.

    He wrote a review in February 1986 that I wish I still had – he really liked the place and the music.

    After his review we experienced weekly geometric growth, doubling every week. 20 customers week 1, 40, 80, 160, 320, 400+ week 6 and line out the door. Within 6 weeks we were packed beyond capacity.

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