Google Christmas Present

Well, last year some of us Google customers/publishers received the radio that would change colors while you played it. But this year, it’s the geek traveler’s toolkit. I like this year’s gift more, as I’ll be more likely to use it througout the year.

I received some good goodies from Google, including: a 128 MB flashdrive, which is much less than the one I currently use, but certainly welcome; a wireless mini-mouse with NiMH rechargeable batteries included; a USB hub with a four-to-one whatever-you-call-it (yeah, I’m not the biggest geek on the planet); a cool earphone that looks to be made to use for Google Talk (one ear piece, a microphone with a disconnector, and two jacks), and a few other cool things, all contained in a leatherette case.

Here’s the best picture I have so far:

Google Christmas Presents for 2005

Other forum posts that I’ve read have said that some people have not received a wireless mouse (but have received a wired mouse instead), nor the headset.

Touchless Car Wash Isn’t

Bottom line: Touchless car wash scratches a car again.

For those of you unfamiliar with these places here in San Francisco–the idea is that you can get your car hand-washed in about ten minutes for $20 or so. Many people don’t use the mechanical car washes because they’ve been led to believe that the brushes on these machines will scratch the paint or will eventually wear down some of the coatings on various trim parts. The problem, of course, is that the human element of the hand-wash businesses comes into play, and at least some of the dozen or so hands that will touch your car do so perfunctorily. So Twilight Zone admonitions be damned, the machines here seem to have the upper hand–they do not succumb to indolence or apathy, as the towel-wielders at Touchless Car Wash seem to.

A scratch on a car is not as simple or small as it might seem. Continue reading