Logitech Ultrathin KB Cover can’t connect – How to fix it

This has happened to me a few times on several devices, so I thought I’d publish the solution that worked for me.

If your Logitech keyboard doesn’t connect to your iPad, or you get the message that “Connection Unsuccessful Make sure “Logitech Ultrathin KB Cover” is turned on and in range,” you may wish to try the following:

  1. Turn on your iPad
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Bluetooth
  4. Under Devices, click the information icon (a circle with an i in it)
  5. Click Forget this Device
  6. Click OK to confirm
  7. You should now be back at the Bluetooth screen
  8. Make sure your Logitech cover is turned on (for me, I slid the switch to make it show green instead of showing orange) and the battery charged
  9. Press the Bluetooth button on your keyboard; if all is working well, you should see the device show up under Devices–it should say Logitech Ultrathin KB Cover
  10. Click on Logitech Ultrathin KB Cover. It should now connect and display Connected next to the information icon

That worked for me on two different iPads. Hope it helps someone.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I looked through several tech support boards trying to find the answer to this frustration. You solved it. Thank you google for leading me to this.

  2. Good to hear, folks. Seems like that’s the solution to a lot of problems like this–disconnect it and start over. A lot of instruction manuals seem to leave this out.

  3. Erin, it is now April 2015 and your tip just helped me too. Thank you AGAIN for taking YOUR time to help us.

  4. Well, it is incredible that it won’t pair when it is listed under My Devices, but your solution worked. Thanks.

  5. MANY MANY Thanks. Better than any Logitech sites.
    Now a question.
    Is there any way to know when to recharge the battery? Any place to see how much battery is left?
    WAY BETTER than any Logitech site.
    Thanks again.

  6. Fantastic! Thank you so much. Quick and easy fix after several frustrating moments!!!

  7. Please note: I am typing this on my Logitech keyboard cover which hasn’t worked with my iPad for months. Your advice – so simple – yet so perfect – got the two devices working together again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  8. WoW, I had to turn off the iPad and restant all over , Couldn’t “forget” the keyboard otherwise. From there on: it wordt again. Thanks for posting, helpfull!

  9. You are a star!!! Thank you so much – typing this on my keyboard after several fruitless and frustrating attempts to connect over the past three days!

  10. The information icon isn’t coming up. The KB option is on a perpetual search mode. When I touch the bar it offers a sync code but there’s no place to submit the code

    • I see that you got this fixed, but just a thought–I have discovered that if one device is already connecting with the keyboard, a second device cannot connect.

      So in some cases, you need to find what’s connecting with the keyboard, and then unpair it so that you can pair it again.

  11. I am having the same problem with my device as well..just wont connect. The wheel is spinning on device but wont recognise the device.

    • I went in to the Apple Store and they fixed it. They didn’t know what the problem was. They went into settings, saw that it wasn’t connecting, went out of that, went back into settings and it reset. It was literally 30 seconds from start to finish. You might make sure that all of your do not disturb, silent bell icons are on so that nothing is off that could be preventing it from making the connection. This is the second Logitech that’s done this to me.

  12. WOW!!! Your instructions were perfect!!! I struggled with trying to fix the problem and had NO IDEA.
    Thank you so VERY much!!

  13. Hey, thanks for your post. I’ve just bought a used Ultrathin KB, followed everything like you described. The keyboard isn’t already installed on my iPad Air 2 of course, so I didn’t have to kill the connection.
    Unfortunately the pairing doesn’t work, I get a message like “Pairing failed due time-out”.
    Is there any chance to get the KB working?

    • Hi, Joachim. Not sure whether this is your case, but try one of the steps from above:

      I have discovered that if one device is already connecting with the keyboard, a second device cannot connect.

      So in some cases, you need to find what’s connecting with the keyboard, and then unpair it so that you can pair it again.

      Sorry for the late reply! There was a lot of spam I had to wade through to get to this.

  14. I got through step 1-8, but when I try to press the bluetooth button on the keyboard, it won’t show up again. I’ve held it for five minutes, and nothing has happened.

  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was worried that i broke my keyboard somehow

  16. hello,
    I have the same problem except that the ipad cannot find the keyboard on Bluetooth at all. The keyboard is fully charged (to be sure, I left it plugged into the charger) and the keyboard on button is turned to the green colour. Yet the ipad is not finding the keyboard at all

    • Just to be sure–did you press the little Bluetooth button next to the power button to start the pairing process? This button sends out a Bluetooth signal so that new devices can detect it.

      If it’s not that, I’m not sure what it could be (beyond the obvious).

  17. Jan 2018 – thanks for the tip, it worked and I’ve now got my keyboard paired. Many thanks.

  18. Wow thank you very much, it helpe me too!

  19. This helped me today, years after you wrote it! Thank you!

    • Haha, that’s great. Actually, I think that trick works with a lot of devices, not just this one.

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